How to DIY DUNKIN'® COld brew coffee at home

Cold brew coffee is one of those things that might sound kind of fancy and mysterious if you’ve never made it before, but it’s pretty simple. Here we’ll show you four brewing methods that let you enjoy cold brew coffee at home.

But first, let’s get on the same page about exactly what we’re making here.


What Is Cold brew coffee, and what's so great about it?

Cold brew coffee is not just coffee served cold. The thing that makes it cold brew coffee is that the brewing process itself happens without heat. Instead of steeping the grounds in hot water, you steep them in cold water for a lot longer.

But why would you want to wait longer for your coffee, you ask? Because the result is noticeably different and, some say, better.

Before we get into different ways to DIY your own cold brew, keep in mind we have an extra easy option to help you get your cold brew fix: Dunkin' Cold Brew Coffee Packs.

Why DIY Your Own Cold Brew?

This is an easy question to answer, by DIYing your own cold brew coffee, you can use any flavor or variety of Dunkin’ coffee. So, grab your favorite, and let’s get brewing!

DD Tip: When you cold brew coffee, you’ll want to dilute the results before serving. That’s because the result of cold brewing is actually coffee concentrate. Compared to coffee brewed using heat, it has a higher ratio of solids (coffee) to water


Cold Brew Coffee in a Cold Brew Coffee Maker

You don’t technically need a special coffee maker to cold brew coffee, but it’s an option. Here we cover how to brew coffee in an infusion pitcher, and there are other kinds of cold brew coffee makers on the market, too. Whichever you use, the instructions will probably be similar to these.

What you’ll need:


  1. Pour about 4 cups of cold filtered water into the pitcher
  2. Pour Dunkin’ coffee grounds into the infuser (the mesh cylinder), and insert it into the pitcher
  3. Steep 12 to 24 hours
  4. Dilute with water to your taste

Cold Brew Coffee in a French Press

If you already have a French press, you can easily use it as a cold brew coffee maker. Here’s how.

What you’ll need:


  1. Add Dunkin’ coffee grounds to French press
  2. Fill with cold filtered water (DD tip: Pour slowly in a circular motion.)
  3. Steep overnight
  4. Press plunger down to filter coffee
  5. Dilute with water to your taste

Cold Brew Coffee in a Mason Jar

Don’t have a cold brew coffee maker or a French press? No worries. You can still cold brew coffee at home with just a mason jar and a few other items you probably have on hand.

What you’ll need:


  1. Pour ground coffee into mason jar
  2. Add cold filtered water until jar is full
  3. Stir
  4. Steep overnight
  5. Place coffee filter into strainer, and strain coffee over bowl. Discard grounds and filter
  6. Dilute with water to your taste

Cold Brew Coffee with Dunkin’ Cold Brew Coffee Packs

If you don’t feel like measuring coffee beans, or if all you have to work with is a simple pitcher, you’re in luck. Cold brewing with Dunkin’ Coffee Packs is as easy as it gets.

What you’ll need:


  1. Drop: 2 coffee packs and 4 cups cold water into pitcher
  2. Steep: in refrigerator overnight (8-12 hours)
  3. Enjoy: remove and discard packs, then add 3 cups cold water, or dilute to your desired brew strength

DD Tip: You can enjoy each batch of cold brew right from your refrigerator for up to a week.

Where to Buy Cold Brew Coffee


Ready to get started? Dunkin’ coffee is available at grocery stores and online, so you can try Dunkin’ coffee at home with any brewing method you choose.

Go ahead, get a batch of cold brew coffee going today. The sooner you start it, the sooner you can enjoy it. Find a store or shop now.