Coffee Concentrates

Coffee Concentrates

Craving something cold and bold that’s easy to make? Dunkin’ has you covered. Enjoy delicious cold brew coffee at home whenever you want it with Dunkin’ Cold Brew Coffee Concentrates.

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Coffee concentrate, also known as cold brew concentrate, is a rich and potent form of coffee, which is diluted with water or milk to create iced or hot coffee beverages. Dunkin’ Cold Brew Coffee Concentrates allow coffee lovers to enjoy delicious cold brew coffee at home, whenever they want.​

Coffee concentrate can be used for making both iced and hot coffee beverages by diluting it with water or milk. Additionally, coffee concentrate can be utilized in cooking or baking, adding a rich coffee flavor to recipes such as desserts and sauces. The concentrated form provides flexibility, allowing users to customize their coffee beverages and other creations.​

The best coffee-to-water ratio for coffee concentrate depends on how strong you want it to taste. We recommend using equal parts water and Dunkin’ Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, poured over ice. If you prefer an even bolder taste, add more coffee concentrate.​

Yes, coffee concentrate should be diluted before enjoying. We recommend using a 1:1 ratio of water to Dunkin’ Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. Add more (or less) water, depending on your preference.​

Yes, you can make hot coffee using coffee concentrate. While it is commonly used to make cold beverages, you can also use it to make hot coffee. Simply combine Dunkin’ Coffee Concentrate with hot water and stir well to ensure properly mixed. Adjust the strength by adding more water or concentrate, depending on your preference.​

Where to Buy Dunkin’ Coffee Concentrates

Ready to enjoy the bold flavor of coffee concentrate at home? Dunkin’ cold brew coffee concentrates are available in stores and online.​

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