Cold Coffee

Wish you could make your coffee cold – without making it watery? Dunkin' Cold has you covered.

Choose a product below for deliciously cold coffee packed with the smooth, bold Dunkin' taste you crave.

Dunkin’® Cold Coffee Package
Dunkin’® Cold Ground Coffee

What it's for:
Iced coffee at home

What you need:
Drip coffee maker

How it works:
Brew hot & pour over ice

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Cold Brew Coffee Packs Package
Cold Brew Coffee Packs

What they're for:
Cold brew coffee at home

What you need:
Any pitcher

How they work:
Steep overnight

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Dunkin’ Cold K-Cup® Pods Package
Dunkin’ Cold K-Cup® Pods

What they're for:
Iced coffee at home

What you need:
K-Cup® pod-compatible coffee machine

How they work:
Brew directly over ice

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Turmeric Coconut Milk Iced Coffee Package
Turmeric Coconut Milk Iced Coffee


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Cold Coffee Ice Cubes Package
Cold Coffee Ice Cubes


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Cold Coffee Soda Package
Cold Coffee Soda


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Absolutely. The challenge? Usually, you′d need to wait for the coffee to cool and/or risk a watery taste from fast-melting ice. That′s why there′s Dunkin′ Cold coffee. It′s specially crafted to be brewed hot and enjoyed over ice immediately. No waiting for it to cool, just the Dunkin′ taste you love, served cold.  

No, Dunkin′ Cold coffee is a bold coffee designed to stand up to ice. You can brew it hot and serve it with ice immediately for bold, smooth Dunkin′ taste.

The best way to make iced coffee at home is with a product that′s made to hold its own against ice — i.e., Dunkin′ Cold K-Cup® pods or ground coffee. That way, you can get all the flavor you crave with no need to wait. You can brew the coffee hot and immediately serve it on ice without making your iced coffee watery.  

Iced coffee is typically coffee that′s brewed a little stronger than usual with a traditional hot brew method, then cooled and served over ice. But Dunkin′ Cold ground coffee and K-Cup® pods let you make delicious iced coffee without as much waiting, since you can simply brew the coffee hot and immediately serve it over ice.

Cold brew coffee is actually brewed cold by soaking the coffee in cool water for several hours. Dunkin′ Cold Brew Packs are one of the easiest ways to make cold brew at home — no measuring, no mess and no need for any sort of coffee maker. Just drop them in a regular pitcher of water to steep overnight in the fridge.


The coffee-to-water ratio for cold brew depends on the type of coffee you′re using and how strong you want it to taste. For Dunkin′ Cold Brew Packs, we recommend steeping 2 pouches in 4 cups of water overnight and then adding 3 cups of cold water, but you can add more or less water at the end, depending on your preference.


Ready to enjoy that cold, bold flavor at home? Dunkin' cold coffee is available in stores and online.

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