What Is Cold Brew Coffee?


"Craft" coffee has a whole new meaning with our Cold Brew Coffee Packs. This at-home blend has all the rich, smooth, full-bodied flavor of "craft" coffee, without any of the "craft" coffee effort. Make it at home in just three easy steps, and enjoy knowing it only tastes like it's hard to make!


New to cold brew? Here's everything you should know.

Cold brew, what's that?

Cold brew is a brewing method where coffee grounds are steeped in cold water for 8-12 hours. The colder temperature brings out the rich, smooth flavor you love, without the bitterness or acidity.


Iced Coffee vs. Cold Brew

Cold brew is a brewing method (cold water + long steep-time = mouth-watering coffee), whereas iced coffee describes how it's served (hot coffee, served over ice). It's still delicious, but a totally different taste, and tends to lack the ultra-smooth, deeply rich flavor that only cold brew brings to the table.


In a Bottle vs. Brew-It-Yourself

There are a few ways to enjoy cold brew coffee, but these are the most popular: Bottled Cold Brew (or concentrate) is pre-packaged and ready to drink - meaning less prep for you, but still full of flavor. BIY (or "brew it yourself") methods like our Cold Brew coffee packs are brewed fresh at home with ground coffee filters that steep in a pitcher of cold water for 8-12 hours.


Can I drink it hot? Is that weird to ask?

Yes, you can, and no, it's not! Prepared cold brew coffee can indeed be enjoyed hot if that's how you prefer it.


How to make Cold Brew coffee at home:

What you’ll need:

  • Dunkin’ Cold Brew Coffee Packs kit
  • Pitcher
  • Water


  1. Drop: 2 coffee packs and 4 cups cold water into pitcher
  2. Steep: in refrigerator overnight (8-12 hours)
  3. Enjoy: remove and discard packs, then add 3 cups cold water, or dilute to your desired brew strength

Dunkin' Tip: You can enjoy each batch of cold brew right from your refrigerator for up to a week.




Ready to get started? Dunkin’ coffee is available at grocery stores and online, so you can try Dunkin’ coffee at home with any brewing method you choose.

Go ahead, get a batch of cold brew coffee going today. The sooner you start it, the sooner you can enjoy it. Find a store or shop now

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