America Runs on Dunkin’ – And Now, So Does a Tiny Home.

Enjoying a morning cup of Dunkin' at Home Coffee gets you going so you can power through your day. So why not power where you drink the coffee - at home? The Home that Runs on Dunkin' is a custom, transportable tiny home that runs on biofuel created by spent Dunkin' coffee grounds.

How it works:

We partnered with Blue Marble Biomaterials, a sustainable biochemical company to create eco-friendly biofuel from about 65,000 pounds of spent Dunkin' coffee grounds. Here's how we did it:

Every 170 pounds of spent coffee grounds yields about one gallon of fuel and is used in a standard biofuel generator.

It's a destination - not a science experiment.

The Home That Runs on Dunkin’ was built in partnership with New Frontier Tiny Homes. In a little more than three months, Dunkin’ at Home and New Frontier started to build a custom, premium 275 square foot, transportable home with looks as modern as it runs with multifunctional furniture and reclaimed materials. The exterior of the home was designed specifically for Dunkin’ at Home – with dark, black stained cedar wood reminiscent of a morning cup of coffee, and corten steel panels that have a coarse and dusty finish similar to the coffee grounds that power the home.

Design Elements

The chic aesthetic of the home includes key features such as:

Tiny Home is powered by a biofuel blend of 80% coffee oil that is extracted from coffee grounds.